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All of the POS features necessary for your business already exist in our solution.

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ezeePOS is our Point Of Sale System for your business that will make billings, reports, and checkouts ezee.

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The Best Point of Sale System for Small-to-Large Businesses

Payment processing, transaction management, sales reporting, and inventory management are all made possible by ezee.
Manage Inventory & Sales
  • Ezee POS Real-time inventory management processes inventory quickly with the use of an algorithm, giving your business a clear view of what's going on with inventory and allowing you to react faster to supply chain demands.
  • Quick payment combined with an easy-to-create invoice system enables your business to account for all taxation records.
Data Security
  • Our Data Encryption Solution protects the data while being transferred over the POS system with a multi-factor authentication process. If a store has a large number of vendors and customers.
  • Choosing the correct POS system will benefit your business in terms of hidden costs levied by the vendor. Our extensive features, such as delivery challans, business reports, and so on, make business operations simple.
Multiple Payment Options
  • With numerous payment providers, you can focus on business growth, and our simple-to-use features allow you to set up POS in no time. Help businesses save time and money with features
  • Such as one-click quotation, expense control, and so on. It helps businesses save time and money.
Order Management & Data Backup
  • With our premium order monitoring system, we process all receivable and payable orders, and with just one click, the user can convert that invoice to POS.
  • With a data backup scheduler, the POS system will always function without data slippage, and the data mobility feature will allow you to move data from one device to another.

POS for a truly cashless economy

Creating invoices is made simple.

Create GST invoices quickly and get paid faster. You may send invoices or bills to your customers or suppliers using ezeePOS. Unlike other accounting software, our billing software helps manage your business's earnings.

Order Acknowledgement

You may create and process all sales and purchase orders with our premium inventory service. Once the transaction is processed, you can use our POS to turn it into an invoice. It enables you to keep track of orders and handle them efficiently.

Backup of Data

Our POS system has a backup and restore feature that lets you protect your business data from mishaps and move it from one device to another. It assists in the recovery of any lost data that has been lost.

Ezee device compatibility

Our POS billing software is compatible with both desktop and mobile platforms. It may be used on a variety of devices to easily manage your business whenever and wherever you choose.

Estimates/Quotations made Ezee

With ezeePOS software, you can provide thorough and professional estimates and quotations to your customers in a timely manner. You can easily transform your estimates into professional invoices to create a memorable impression on your customers.

Expense Management

Record your expenditures as soon as you receive a bill from a vendor. By optimising your business costs, you may save time and grow your business more quickly.

Ezee Transaction Monitoring

You can keep track of your overall receivables and payables using our ezeePOS billing software. Set up reminders in the POS app or software to collect payments.

Ezee Delivery Challan

Provide delivery challans with your goods to help you handle delivery orders and operate your business more efficiently. Keep track of acknowledgment records to see what customers accept and reject.

Schedule your payments.

To be paid promptly, provide your customers with a range of payment options. You can keep track of all payments received and send payment reminders using the ezeePOS billing software to minimise delays.

Business Reports

Examine numerous parts of your current business plan to keep track of your organisation. You may use point of sale billing software which provides expenditure, sales, inventory, bank status, cash flow, and GST data to help you establish a business strategy.

Data security is ensured.

EzeePOS assures the security of your data at all times. Your business data is encrypted. To safeguard your data loss, we provide the option of establishing a local backup on your device storage.

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