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Best Ecommerce Platform for Your Business Needs

The only solution is that you need to start an online store and grow online.
Manage and monitor orders and deliveries.
  • With the help of the order management system, users can manage the deliveries on time and track the status of orders assigned through delivery apps to delivery people.
  • Our customizable dashboard allows users to manage all functions from one place with an easy-to-use interface.
Marketing your products is easy.
  • Users can create discount coupons and special offers for customers to promote their products to a wide customer base through social media and other marketing channels.
  • With a user-friendly interface, clients can manage and monitor the lead generation and sales growth of products offered.
Payment Gateway Integration & Data Security
  • Day by day, the payment system is becoming digital, and security is a major concern for businesses. Digital payment is a need for business nowadays, so we offer a wide range of payment gateway providers.
  • Payment gateway integration is a quick process, and our support team helps to choose the best provider in the business.
The Experience is the product.
  • Great products always come with the best value. We've been taught to assume that price and quality of a product are intrinsically related, and this idea is typically correct.
  • Easy to use interface and time saving functionality reduces the efforts and the business owners can focus on expanding the business with more new ideas.

Features To Manage Your Online Store

Capabilities of Multiple Vendors

Using a single e-commerce system, you can manage your multi-vendor business.

Discounts, Coupons, and Special Offers

Make ezeeCOMMERCE uniquely yours by customising everything from the theme to the personal domain for your consumers.

Geolocation Tracking

You can track product deliveries based on their statuses, and the system can even show you where the delivery executives are in real time.

Quick onboarding

It only takes one day to get onboarded and start utilising the system; choose a plan, our team contacts you for configuration assistance, and you're ready to go.

Manage Products & Categories

The ability to add an endless number of products and categorise them into categories and subcategories, as well as administer the product from a mobile device.

Push Notification

Notify your consumers about various offers, as well as receive notifications if customers drop out when making a payment, and so on. All of these notifications may be monitored and personalised.

Delivery Scheduler

Define your own delivery schedules and notifications for when the delivery boy leaves the warehouse and delivers the product.

Payment Gateway Integration

Now, when a consumer checks out, the payment is promptly deposited into your bank account; we offer a variety of payment getaway provider options to select from.

Personalized Domain

You can offer us with your domain name, and we will map the personalised domain to your mobile and web applications.


With all the essential statistics, an intuitive customisable dashboard for both the seller and the OEM (Admin) is available.

Manage Ad Banners

Change the duration and positioning of banner advertisements on your e-commerce site.

Analytics and Reports

Robust reporting system to keep track of crucial and sophisticated reports and analytics to stay on top of the business.

App & Panel for Vendors

To track and manage his business, each vendor has web access as well as a mobile application.

App for Delivery Executives

The user can easily manage his schedule by using a separate application for delivery executives to manage their impending and finished deliveries for the day.

Free Installation

Because we value your confidence, we guarantee that we will set up your e-commerce platform for free, allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Free Support

Unlike our competitors, we give end-to-end assistance at no cost to you as long as you stay our customer.

Free Training

We provide extensive instruction on how to use our web and mobile apps for your day-to-day activities once you become a valued customer.

Free SSL Certificate

Since we recognise that security is paramount for any business, ezeeCOMMERCE offers a free SSL certificate to make your marketplace more secure and managed.

Assistance on Product Adding

After onboarding and establishing the system, the first crucial thing customers must do is upload their goods to the marketplace. Our support team is dedicated to this task and works together with you to complete it.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Support is our USP; in addition to the free support we already provide, we also assign a dedicated relationship manager who will be your first point of contact for any support, billing, or sales inquiries.

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