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Our solution lets your marketing, sales, and service seams finally work together.

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All of the BOT features necessary for your business already exists in our solution.

Some of Our Esteemed Clients

AI-Based Personal Assistant Chatbot

From lead generation to support and recruiting, conversational chatbots are key to better digital experiences for your customers.
Get Real-Time Customer Interaction
  • Real-time customer interaction solves the queries instantly, which helps in brand recognition and building trust.
  • Our Bot algorithm assists consumers in finding the product that best answers their problems, allowing businesses to create leads, enhance efficiency and accuracy, and cut expenses.
Your Own Personal Assistant
  • Personal support enables the development of trust with individuals and improves brand engagement, resulting in long-term customer relationships.
  • Personal assistance may increase your conversion rate and increase the likelihood of a user making a rapid choice, resulting in sales at a lower cost of customer equitation.
  • Multiple language support is simple to set up, thanks to API interfaces in the core system that enable relevant responses and safe and encrypted data transfer at both ends.
  • Our support system is full of high-quality features that our clients utilise to help them with all of their support needs on the web, including real-time performance monitoring via Dashboard.
  • With the advent of new communication channels, integrate your business support with Whatsapp, voice support, IVR, and OCR to provide your business with a competitive advantage.
Monitor Client Behaviour 24X7
  • Customers receive support and discover solutions to issues as soon as they arise, which is achievable through a knowledge base, live chat, or embedded messaging system.
  • Consumer behaviour research assists marketers in understanding consumers' purchasing decisions and business websites in learning what customers are looking for or revisiting.

Fully Loaded Advanced AI Chatbot Software

Increase Conversions for Growth

When you reach out to your customers through an engaging chat, they are more willing to interact with your brand.

24x7 Customer Support Availability

Even if all of your sales professionals are sleeping or inaccessible, you may still drive sales. Don't allow your business to go to sleep.

Reduce the cost of acquiring new customers

Engage each visitor to make every buck you spend on marketing counts. On the other hand, BOT demands zero human interaction.


Communicate in your native language, using regional vocabulary to guarantee natural and relevant communication. It can adapt to whatever language we choose in the settings, which distinguishes ezeeBOT from its competitors.

Asset Management

Manage and track the assets assigned to employees such as Laptops, Mobile Devoice etc for better visibility of asset allotments.

Omni-Channel Interface

Integrate your bot on your web, app, or other platforms like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Slack, Telegram chat, and others to guarantee that all of your customers experience the same voice and AI, regardless of platform.

Sentimental Analysis & Human Handover

All of the automation and organisation of a separate email client are now available within your CRM user interface.


ezeeBOT was designed with simplicity in mind, it is simple to configure from the admin side, and end-users enjoy the interface.

Integration Capability

APIs may be integrated into your core program to deliver relevant and complete solutions. ezeeBOT is pre-configured with Facebook, Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram, and a variety of additional services.

Fully Secured

To protect the security of your data, every communication is encrypted during both transmission. For maximum data protection, deploy the system to cloud or entirely on-premises, and implement security controls.


Customize the appearance and experience of the Bot to make it genuinely yours, and organize the communication levels in a user interface that is welcoming and extremely versatile.

Analytics & Dashboard

Robust dashboards help to monitor Bot performance in real-time, allowing you to make clear decisions and increase performance.

Free up your team for Success

Your employees didn't have to spend time answering the same questions over and over again. Allow your professionals to focus on queries that demand human interaction by using a bot to answer repeated questions.

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