Mass Recruitment & Onboarding Process

Mass Recruitment & Onboarding Process

India employs around 501 million workers, the second-biggest economy after China. Agriculture employs 41.19% of the workforce, industries 26.18%, and services 32.33%. Entry-level workers are more physically demanding, including construction workers, operators, drivers, delivery and logistics truck drivers, and so on.

These are independent contractors that conduct short-term work or on daily wages. They contribute to the overall economy. Researchers predict an increase in demand for entry-level workers in various industries.

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6 Lakh

Chat Volume Handled Per Day


Onboarding Job Seekers Increased By

3.5 Lakh

Campaign Reach Per Hour


According to the listings on the ASEEM portal, this sector is looking for a more prominent need for trained employees in numerous sectors. With a lack of quality employment and a large volume of job seekers demanding organizing this sector.

Nearly 170 million individuals in India work in blue-collar professions such as drivers, logistics, delivery, and other contractual personnel. Managing and onboarding many users require a reliable system with zero downtime.

The Solution

Around 50 crore individuals across various verticals of India's semi-formal economy are trying to fill the void. This shows the enormous gap that a new-age startup attempts to overcome through technology.

We made it easy for them to handle this high-volume activity by providing a Management and Onboarding Bot system with a scalable technological stack. Our fundamental goal is to manage significant unexpected volumes in an easy-to-use AI-based system that assists users in the onboarding process.

The Benefits

After effectively integrating the onboarding BOT, management evaluates the Stronger jobseekers' experience. Job vacancies are at an all-time high with 2.33% in a couple of months and saw that job seeker have no shortage of opportunities.

Here are a few advantages that the startup was able to reap in a short period:

  1. Topline began to see the significance of the onboarding process in terms of reduced cost and native language Q&A increased productivity in the hiring process, which had a significant influence on the organization's bottom line.

  2. The availability of the system 24X7 contributed to reducing human interaction for the repetitive process and ensuring talent acquisition, which is an essential part of a large corporation.

  3. Data analysis helped them to reveal that increased engagement was improved by real-time interaction. This creates trust with the individual and boosts the conversion rate and the potential of a user's attendance.

  4. Behavior tracking data assist the onboarding department in analyzing the user's behavior, allowing them to build and conduct campaigns using numerous communication channels such as Whatsapp, call assistance, IVR, and OCR to give a competitive edge.

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