Improved Sales and Service in AMC

Improved Sales and Service in AMC

Asset management companies (AMCs), also known as Mutual Funds companies, combine funds from individual and institutional investors and invest them in various assets. The money is invested in capital assets such as stocks, real estate, and bonds. Asset management firms use fund managers to look at the investments. At the same time, the research team identifies the appropriate assets.

The India Asset Management Market (Mutual Fund) is expected to develop at a CAGR of around 14 percent. The top asset management firms (AMCs) in India own (AUM) worth INR24.46 trillion, accounting for about 80% of total sector assets.

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The most important responsibility of an asset management business(mutual fund) with a worldwide trust is managing the assets of individuals. The organization's management pointed out a problem with their sales team, which is the backbone of the asset management business. The sales team/individuals could not organize frequent meetings, schedule client coordination, supply suitable sales collateral to clients, spend time on unqualified prospects, have longer sales cycles, poor post-sales support, etc. Hence, they were unable to assess the team's strengths and flaws.

The Solution

After reviewing the Fund managers' issues with their sales team, we proposed an excellent product-market fit for all of their difficulties. Every business encounters with their sales staff, regardless of size and size.

We made it easy for them with our Sales CRM suite. They were able to arrange the Sales team with appropriate resources. They were able to streamline their process, followed by every sales employee using our Sales CRM suite.

The Benefits

After adopting the CRM suite, 67% of organization fund managers said that using our system helped them drive sales with an increased ROI of 2.29% within the first annual general meeting of the board sales members. About 23.35 % of sales representatives who used mobile CRM met or exceeded their sales objectives. In contrast, non-mobile CRM sales representatives' targets were somewhat lower. Here are some of the aspects that our business analyst team measured; 1. The sales staff was able to aggregate customer interactions in one centralized location thanks to the centralized data management, which improved customer retention and resulted in higher sales. 2. Sales managers were able to create automated sales reports with detailed analytics, which assisted them in determining the accuracy of sales forecasts and the performance of a campaign and managing conversations with prospective leads. 3. Our mobile CRM improved the sales team's performance by providing an easy-to-use experience that enabled them to excel in critical areas such as searching and sorting qualified leads, monitoring potential leads, prioritizing activities, and increasing target reach. 4. Our instant chat feature assisted the team in enhancing and accelerating communication. It is a sign of professionalism to save time for business and customers.

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