The client wanted to develop a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) that would facilitate their training requirements to provide interactive learning courses and online tests through an online system that would be avoiding travel from one to another location.


Client Objective

The client needed an online platform that would allow them to upload many different types of training material, as well as that would allow them to easily train, manage and track their large numbers of employees.

Their training requirements included an interactive multilingual support platform that would be visually appealing. In addition, the learning application had to support various types of online system generated random tests.


Solution – Learning Management System

The Learning Management System (LMS), was designed by Technobase Solution to organize, deploy, and track web-based training content. Technobase Solution LMS Solution managed web-based training, upload learning content i.e. training materials or courses, register and enrol employees of an organization across the locations to learn their training requirements, set up certifications and track the employee’s progress, learning status through online tests and courses, etc.

•          The Learning Management System allowed users to create, manage the courses, training materials and its modules in different languages separately as per the employee needs

•          The administrator/training manager could see the detailed training reports for employees or selective users/groups who had appeared for the test within a specified timeline

•          Technobase Solution LMS Software was able to provide them with the ability to quickly publish their training courses online, and offer their continuing learning programs to be accessible by anyone, anywhere, at any time and beyond

•          Based on the security rights of users, they can create various questions based on the previously defined sets and courses within the modules. There were various types of questions; quiz questions, multiple choices, single choice, true/false yes/no, and sentence completions, etc.

•          The Learning Management System enables employees to get all of their training and certifications from one constantly updated source, while it enables them to closely track and monitor all of their employee’s training progress, ensuring their success in the learning programs along with their certifications

•          Track all of their employees’ compliance training in one location, through a web-based interface, increasing quality, and control


Benefits and Results – Learning Management System

•          This made it easier for the client to track their employees’ progress through their training, so they could identify cases where a new or existing employee was lagging or needed additional training programs

•          Using the Technobase Solution Learning Management Software, the company has been able to stay on top of these changing regulations standards and maintain their certifications with a minimum of cost and efforts

•          Eliminates of physical resources such as CD-ROMs, manual training materials, cassettes, books or conventional classrooms sessions as well as reduced their training costs by over 70% by providing their learning content online while reducing the number of classroom sessions and on-site learning

•          By LMS Solution they are able to transfer all of their training course material over in a matter of weeks. Able to create and deliver their required learning content, and keeping their staff in compliance with their regulatory requirements, while eliminating virtually all the need for travel.

•          Reduce the time for needed for uploading, updating, printing, and shipping of training course manuals and documentation, dramatically reduced the cost of software for managing and creating training courses



Technobase Solution Learning Management System with advanced reporting features allowed them to keep track of how well employee trainees navigated the course material and how much time they required to complete the training modules. As a result, they restructured the learning programs to enable employees and trainees to complete it at a faster rate. 

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